Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up for email updates?
Please visit our Email Registration page to sign up.
What type of organization is The Friends of the Lansing Regional Trails?
The Friends of the Lansing Regional Trails (FLRT) is a certified Michigan non-profit and has 501(c)3 Federal non-profit status.
Is the organization tied to any city, county or political party?
No. FLRT is a member driven organization that is truly comprised of users of the Regional Trails. We do have a City of Lansing Liaison and may add other municipal liaisons to the board as non-voting members. However we are not under the direction of any political party or municipal organization.
How was the board formed?
The FLRT board is comprised of people who responded to a call to action a year ago. There were over 200 responses, and a steering committee was formed based on the talent and resources needed to launch the organization. Today there are 10 charter board members who have drafted the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.
What is the minimum membership level?
Affiliate memberships are a one-time cost of $20.00 and put you on our mailing list in perpetuity. With this level of membership you get a Lansing Regional Trails decal and messages from our leadership via e-mail. Affiliate members may not vote or elect leadership.
What other levels exist?
Minimum levels with voting rights begin at $50 and are received annually. At the present time we have established five levels of annual membership: $50, $100, $250, $500 and $1,000.

Additional donor levels and forms of recognition will likely be added in the future as we increase membership.

What will you do with these funds and with the annual gifts?
We are hoping to raise $10,000 our first year through individuals and corporate gifts. The start-up costs for forming this organization and having this Kickoff Celebration party have exceeded $3,000, and these funds were fronted 100% by our board and several corporate sponsors. As per our mission, we hope to raise funds annually for things like maintenance, signage, increased safety and increased funding of the Regional Trails. Also, we will need funds for insurance, postage and events.
How can I become involved?
By making an annual gift of $50 or more you can attend our annual membership meeting, which will take place NEXT July (2016) and more immediately you may join a committee. Our board has three working committees: Marketing/Communications; Membership; and Development. All of these committees are chaired by board members but we hope to have strong membership participation from you, our members!
Where can I learn more about FLRT’s Mission and Activity?
Visit frequently for updates and for a board roster and our Mission Statement. Also, like us on Facebook for weekly updates about Regional Trail activity.
Are the FLRT by laws available?
Yes, here is a link to download them: Friends of the Lansing Regional Trail By Laws
Are the results of the 2015 FLRT survey still available?
Yes, please visit to view the final results