Trail Ambassador Kickoff

Thanks for being a member of Friends of the Lansing Regional Trails! We know that members want to be more involved, and to do more to help the trails, so please mark your calendar for Thursday, May 4th.

WHO: meet and talk with key trails people – Brett Kaschinske, Director of Lansing Parks; a representative from Ingham County Parks Board: Annie Rzepecki, LBWL community outreach; Brian Collins, Hawk Island Park manager; and Dana Graham, president of FLRT.

WHAT: training for our members as new Trail Ambassadors to inventory the trail, report repairs as needed, and also how to help on May 13 with the annual LBWL Adopt-a-River river and trail clean up day. Friends of the Lansing Regional Trails volunteers on that day will be re-doing a large planting area in the entrance to Potter Park, a main trailhead location and popular park and zoo. This project will be in conjunction with the clean up day but will be done specifically by our group.

WHERE and WHEN: Hawk Island Park, Peregrine Shelter, Thursday, May 4, 6 p.m.

PARKING: Parking will be free for people attending the Trail Ambassador event.

REFRESHMENTS: water provided by Michigan Fitness Foundation, granola bars provided by Playmakers, and cookies from Great Harvest!

SWAG: FLRT logo volunteer shirts will be handed out on May 13 at our work site at Potter Park.

RSVP: on Facebook, on our website, or to this email address.

MEMBERSHIPS: available on May 4 if you are not already a member.

DOWNLOAD: Download a survey of the trail – when you are on the Lansing part of the river trail in the next few weeks and notice something that should be taken care of at the cleanup on May 13, please make a note of the location and the situation, and bring that information to the meeting on May 4. LBWL and Impression 5 will use the information to determine the best use of heir volunteers on May 13.

DONATIONS: While there are no fees associated with the Trail Ambassador program, we will be collecting gently used running and cycling jackets for the Return2Haiti program at the event.

Trail Ambassador

The Trail Ambassador program is intended to provide opportunities for community members to be directly involved with the trails they use on a regular basis. TAs represent the Friends of the Lansing Regional Trails through educating, assisting and informing users of the benefits and etiquette of our trail system. They can be responsible for minor trail maintenance and hazard reporting as well as talking to others that use the trail to learn more about their needs.

We expect the level of commitment from our Trail Ambassadors to vary widely depending on availability, needs and desire to be involved. Whether you're a student, fully employed or retired, we're confident we can find a spot for you.

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