About Us

Friends of the Lansing Regional Trails Board members

Front row, Michelle Coss, Kevin Shaw, Cherry Hamrick, Joy Wagner, Carolyn Watters, Debbie Richards
Back row, Marcy Gillespie Kinzer, George Hayhoe, Dan Zolkowski, Kip Bohne, Brandon Zuk, Jeff Smith, Paul Brogan, Dana Graham

2018-2019 Board Members

  • President - Dana Graham
  • Vice-President - Jeff Smith
  • Treasurer - Lori Leaming
  • Secretary - Brandon Zuk
  • Michelle Coss
  • Cherry Hamrick
  • George Hayhoe
  • Marcy Gillespie Kinzer
  • Debbie Richards
  • Kevin Shaw
  • Dan Zolkowski
  • Kip Bohne
  • Gene Wrigglesworth
  • Carolyn Watters
  • Joy Wagner
  • Paul Brogan

Mission Statement

The Friends of the Lansing Regional Trails will support and raise awareness for a safe, clean and thoughtfully-expanded Trail System.

We will accomplish our mission through the following key activities:

  • Engage members in meaningful regional trail activity
  • Raise funds through public and private donations
  • Unite organizations with similar interests to cross promote regional trail activity
  • Promote trail safety, maintenance and expansion
  • Raise awareness of the health and wellness benefits of using the Lansing Regional Trail
  • Promote the community and economic value that the Regional Trails provide


Click to download the Friends of the Lansing Regional Trail By-Laws.