Welcome to the Friends of the Lansing Regional Trails

Welcome! The Friends of the Lansing River Trail (FLRT) has adopted the new name, the Friends of the Lansing Regional Trails (still FLRT). Almost immediately upon formation of FLRT, the Lansing River Trail, was being expanded with 2 new extensions to the south, Delhi Township's Sycamore Trail and the City of Lansing South Lansing Pathway. Then in 2014, Ingham County voters approved a Trails Millage that is intended to repair, maintain and expand our current trail system to levels we've never had in the Lansing area.

The economic implications of this trail improvement and expansion will be widespread. Younger generations have proven time and again that they will live where they feel comfortable and can find the extracurricular activities that are important to them. Trails and outdoor activities, as well as alternative modes of transportation are one of these characteristics. Also it has been proven that properties adjacent to paved trails experience improved values when the trails are maintained and in regular use. Lastly, the trails can help our community to live a healthy lifestyle and give children and families outdoor activities that were not readily available in the past.

Please consider supporting our group either through membership or volunteer efforts that arise throughout the year.

We will be adding much to this website in the near future such as maps of all the trail systems in the area, significant places that are easily accessible from the trails, tips and suggestions, photos and much more. Please feel free to use the Contact form to send us your suggestions or questions.

You can securely donate to FLRT with your credit card through PayPal by clicking the graphic above or you can also mail a check to Friends of the Lansing Regional Trails, Inc, 200 N Foster, Lansing, MI 48912.